Cheryl Ann Monyak
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Cheryl, Your family and friends will forever be in my heart. I will never forget your wit, your charm, your laugh! I am truly honored to have known you. With Love, Beth
Beth Jensen, Friend
Sep 11 2014 12:43PM
Your smile and energy are very much missed.
Ward Ching, Colleague
Sep 11 2014 10:32AM
13 years , Looking back on the time we shared together,going too the Santa Monica pier at 4a.m.with my son to watch the fireworks at sunrise and the Hollywood Bowl on the 4th. of July. Lot's of great times . I'll always have a spot in my heart for you :)
alan l. myers, Friend
Sep 11 2014 9:36AM
After all these years, I still think of her and remember her fondly. A true professional with a collaborative way about her.
Denise Dimin, Colleague
May 15 2014 9:38PM
Words are still impossible. I miss you is such an understatement. I can't tell you how often I just shake my head and say out lout "Cher, I wish you were here." What a great and loving friend...I was so lucky. I toast you tonight. Here's to all the wonderful, wacky times we shared! All my love always. Martha
Martha Ambros, Friend
Sep 11 2012 9:22PM
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