Peter Moutos
If the sailboat hadn’t gotten lost, they might never have met. If the red- haired nurse hadn’t noticed his deepening sunburn and offered him sunscreen, they might not have talked so much. And if the shy man hadn’t screwed up the courage to ask for her number, the sweet daily routines of Peter and Meg Moutos would never have evolved.

"He’d say, `I love you, gorgeous woman,’ and I’d say, `I love you, handsome young man,’ and he’d go off in the morning," Mrs. Moutos said of her husband, 44, a systems consultant at Marsh & McLennan who lived in Chatham, N.J. "At 5 he’d call me: `How’s my gorgeous woman?’ `How’s my handsome young man?’ and tell me what time to pick him up at the train, and then we’d go to the Y together in Madison."

They would work out, pick each other up in a bear hug to crack each other’s spine, then he would carry her gym bag as they left.

"If we had an irritable day, we wouldn’t discuss it until after we were done, because we were always in such better moods after we worked out," she said.

They were married less than a year and a half.

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Pete - After all these years, your loss is still so vivid in my heart. I miss you
Catherine Moutos, Family
Sep 11 2013 5:00PM
Peter, I think of you this day with fond memories of our time together at Corporate Systems starting in 1988. You are not forgotten. God Bless. Mike
Mike Turner, Colleague
Sep 11 2012 9:48PM
Pete, I thought about you all weekend. I will always appreciate how you made me feel welcome my first year at CS in 1988. Never saw you without a smile on your face. My prayers are with your loved ones. We will always remember.
Doug Walker, Colleague
Sep 12 2011 2:06PM
Pete, It's hard to believe that it has been 10 years since your smile brightened our lives. We miss you in so many ways. I think of you often- as I know many others do- and I always smile remembering your intelligence, kindness, and humor.
Leslie Tremblay, Colleague
Sep 9 2011 12:28PM
Dean, Peters mom was staying with us on 9-11. I took her to the ariport several times to fly to New York to see Meg. I live in a small town in New Mexico with less than a hundred people, so to be affected be 9-11 one would have never gussed. The grace and compassion that Meg showed to Dean her mother in law was genuine. I did not know Peter but I saw the love of a mother for her son. Our toughts and prayers are with you always. We Will Never Forget!
Matt Stevenson, Family
Sep 11 2010 11:11AM
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